This is my workspace: Got water ready to go getting pinged non? Stop there’s a reflect here that’s me hey. Today ,’ s a somewhat hectic epoch Got. What is that 20 engagements laughs Exactly full back to back? I’ve got to constitute five videos in the morning and then we’re doing a lot of interviews. We’re doing a lot of interrogations today for an account manager position Hoping to have somebody Chosen Actually hoping to have somebody chosen by the end of this day and then hired by the end of the week. So, let’s make love, First up let.’s get these videos filmed So the first thing you wan na do So the. First thing I.’m gon na do is, set up an Eventbrite page for the phenomenon I’ve got this one. From an incident, we were gon na do in St Louis, at the T, Rex Coworking Space four strategies for enterprise raise that brought in four million dollars a year. I also did this one recently at a digital agency top. All the videos are filmed Time to do a consumer call and then jump into all these interviews. Skype ringing Call with the client went well, We’re chiefly discussing how we can get them more auctions. Qualified leads and we’re running through the pour for each one of the things that we’re working on, So they’re doing three paths right now. The strongest playing one for them is cold calls and cold emails, but that’s based on feedback. We got in the last couple of weeks, we are therefore optimized their campaign. So I was get feedback on the other two canals. Today, Things are goin 39, pretty well with that consumer, And now it’s time for job interviews, Female Voice, So where, In principle I could just be based anywhere Yeah. I try to live in a different city every month, Right So as long we you have access to a phone and computer with email. What, do you think about doing, other trash so like taking them out to tournaments or like ship them offering or interesting thing like that: Male Voice Sending them knack or taking them out to recreations Well I’m unquestionably not to report to that Time to. Do a one on one with Liban: He’s, one of our cold callers, Crankin, 39, material out humankind. You got the dark background again Yeah. Let me move chuckles That’s better, This a little bit better. Trying to get some video editing be done in order to between bellows Revenue generator, bringing in’billion dollars a 13 rise over 2016, while video and social is once again expected to post the strongest growth rates Had a couple of really good interview, and now we’re doing The weekly sales session Hey guys Male Voice, Hello, Hey Cool Male Voice, Hey Alex what’s up. What is up Video’s ready to upload? What do you think makes a good note manager, Male Voice? You know somebody who’s willing to Who’s easy with building ties-in. You know improving that cartel, But also you know, in a number of cases being willing to say no, So that was a day in the life Like this video to help this type of content. On YouTube, subscribe for more B2B sales training and if you need marketing support for your digital busines check out Experiment2 7 com Thanks.