[ Music] then why online video and live video well these are some brand new stats some very interesting things number one video purveyors get 60 cent 66% most qualified causes per year when we start using video in our industries we get 66% better produces and beings detecting our business likewise 54% of video purveyors achieve better brand awareness who needs to be known by more parties motion at me ripple at me write a better firebrand awareness we start using video we can get more brand awareness 84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video if you got a product you got a service you need to have a video about that and video usually predates marketings nearly 50% of entanglement customers look at a video before touring a collect little tip to write down is you want to Google yourself and you too want to YouTube yourself to see what various kinds of video material is or isn’t there because people are looking for that they are looking for videos about your commodities or services what you do 79 percent of consumers favor watching video to reading about a produce do you agree with that come on man it’s getting more and more I’m like time just tell it to me simply speak it to me I don’t I convey read it’s gonna be a little tough or to do that 97% of businesses use explainer videos and they say it helps users understand their business better basically a hundred percent of people want to see who you are what you do and why it matters to them on your website or wherever they can find you online fifty percent of consumers believe that the title portion for an explainer video is one minute catch that right can you tell your story the history of your faith the story of your nonprofit the story of your business concisely promptly so that people can grab it that’s a very interesting stat and so you need a immediate clear and compelling video explain who you are what you do and why it matters to your target audience this is something that you could start curating something you could start crafting and so this would be a good example and this quite a minute but we we have a video that is what is video influencers and we wanted to make a strong you know short-spoken video telling our narrative let’s check this out an explainer video are you trying to figure out how to use online video to build your affect and your income if so then you’re in the right place I’m Sean I’m Benji and together we have over 20 times compounded ordeal in video yield online sell and both of us are full experience youtubers here on video influencers we help you construct your affect develop your income and make a greater impact with YouTube and online video every week we “ve brought you” interviews with top youtubers that I’m sitting in with Nikki get buy nice candy now with Shay Carl and also we post interrogations with inventors that are humbling it in business with video that I’m sitting with chalene johnson Gary Vaynerchuk I’m super pumped to bring you news house plus we affix weekly tips and strategies to help you get more outcomes with the online video we believe that video is the best way for you to share your message find your audience and turn your productivity into a profession to get the latest updates of our youtube videos make sure you subscribe to our path right now and we can’t wait to hang out with you in the next video we scripted this we we scripted and told our storey who we are what we do we use visuals to show the seeing of our company of video influencers etc exercising broll we’ll go back to the slithers basically it is necessary to a immediate clear and compelling video explain who you are what you do and why here’s the biggest one why it matters to your target audience the number one mistake businesses stir is they fix videos that is really just about them oh well what we were founded back in you are well aware 1982 and that it and the person on the other side is being like I don’t really actually care when you were founded I care what you can do for me what’s in it for me so you always want to be talking with your audience you do need to say who you are you do need to say what you do but the biggest and most important question is why it matters to your target audience because eventually that’s they’re wondering what’s in it for me and so we want that explainer video whiskey as study has indicated that videos up to two minutes long help spectators courtesy and then there’s a dropoff but notice picks up again for videos between 6 and 12 hours that “ve been told” that our videos should either be punchy and short-lived for beings that are on that are you know racing through it and they don’t have the attention straddle or you need to develop a floor longer the notion a little longer and people are gonna be willing to watch that if if it’s necessary here’s the repeat your video should be as long as they need to be but as short as possible as long as they need to be but as short-lived as possible you just want to be wasting people’s time but if you have to communicate all that information then you have to communicate all that information b2b and b2c purveyors are both using video for marketing so no matter who you are in this room video is absolutely relevant for you even if you were also in b2b and there’s countless tactical highways that you could be using video hey before we get into the next stat I just wanted to ask you for a speedy advantage and that is can you like this video that planned the world countries to me thump that like button and let’s just prance right back into it so question for you how much online video do you watch per day invoke your hand if you watch online video at least formerly a week motion at me wave at me yeah pretty much everybody okay how about once a day you’re waving to me okay you watch at least 30 times of online video a era I’ll identify some kind okay you watch an hour and thirty minutes of online video a epoch gesticulating me few hands up you watch over two hours of online over three hours of online video a era all right cool “weve had” advisers here and we’re and it’s no just kidding no that’s not I’d be in that craft right but but it that we’re watching a lot of an online video a epoch and of course this is something that we know is true it’s crazy forty five percent of people one out of two beings are watching an hour or more a video per period not just on YouTube but this is digital video liberty this is Facebook this is YouTube content it is big it’s crazy half of eighteen to thirty or thirty fouryearold say they would stop what they’re doing to watch a new video of their favorite YouTube creator has anyone ever done that who has pushed notifications on you had something really important going like you had like a really meaningful dialogue with your spouse and then I was like putting oh Peter McKinnon just announced Oh talk to you last-minute sister you know like whatever it is like it’s pretty crazy but it’s super interesting to pay attention to how video is influencing this upcoming generation solely Millennials it’s all ages that’s for certain but Millennials Gen Z massive influence check this out forty percentage of Millennials rely YouTube for content and sixty percent say videos they’ve watched have changed their worldview now we talked about helping you build your affect with online video we have to understand that online video is massively influential it’s influencing how people think it’s shaping what parties believe this is a very powerful medium and we should be stewarding it very wisely by 2020 there will be almost a million minutes of video per seconds spanning the internet that’s scary and cisco adds that by then 82 percentage of all consumers web traffic will be video what this actually tells me is that any financier content designer clergyman captain doesn’t matter who you are if you’re not big attention to video you’re in big trouble and you’re on the way to honestly I conclude extinction as far as relevancy and culture because whether you think this is happening or not it is happening and it’s especially happening with what’s you might be okay now but three years from now things will be different in 2024 the landscape will be different so it’s so vital that we understand that video was King video is king and that it’s important to us and not just the the person on your team that you’re like hey can you handle the video back of things and not just somebody else it’s important that every single one of us in this room understands the supremacy of video you eventually might not be the one that organizes it and you might get help with people shooting and revising but you have to understand how this works the psychology behind it because video is regulating social media alright hey so I hope you got value out of that training courses and if you did are you able demolish the like button and actually that was from our live contest announced flourish with video live so I hope you could be a part of the next one previously we release the information about that question of the day have you already started creating video content for your company and your brand a lot of parties in the feel media community once have but some of us haven’t started yet so I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below[ Music]